2018 – A Retrospective: My 20 Favourite Albums of the Year

ordinarycorrupt-820x820It’s finally that time of the year again when we take a look back at what we have listened to and what music had the greatest impact on us. While it’s always a difficult task to pick your favorites from a whole year’s supply of music, it was especially hard this year. 2018 was simply outstanding from a musical standpoint. The amount of amazing and fascinating records released this year was nothing short of incredible. Throughout the year I listened to no less than 500 albums, EPs and splits, of which I picked 20 favorites in a very long and painful process. Note that I did only take full length albums into account for this list. This is a somewhat ranked list, but every one of these albums is absolutely fantastic and definitely worth your time.

Check out my list, including albums by Silent Planet, Bloodbark, Deafheaven, Panegyrist, Anna von Hauswolff and many more, at Indy Metal Vault!