Single Stream: Deafheaven – “Black Brick”

Deafheaven - Black Brick - Metal Soliloquy

Grammy nominated blackgaze outfit Deafheaven have released a new song titled “Black Brick” yesterday. The track is a B-side from their latest album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. While Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is Deafheaven’s “softest” album yet, seeing the band focusing primarily on their dreamy post-rock and shoegaze influences, “Black Brick” might be their heaviest track to date. Channelling the greatness of 90s black and thrash metal, without neglecting their post-metal tendencies, Deafheaven deliver a furious and dark, yet atmospheric extreme metal track you should not miss.

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Ten Years Later: Theocracy – Mirror of Souls


Theocracy - Mirror of Souls - Metal Soliloquy

Theocracy’s second album Mirror of Souls turned 10 years old yesterday. To celebrate the anniversary of this legendary record, I wrote a little article, available now at Indy Metal Vault.