Album Review: Haru Nemuri – harutosyura

61uGtx6u4FL._SL1162_.jpgHaru Nemuri is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician. Harutosyura is her debut album.

Mixing elements of j-pop and hip-hop with noise and alternative rock, as well as various electronic elements, Haru Nemuri creates her very own, unique sound on harutosyura. Sometimes cute and catchy, sometimes aggressive and noisy sounding, this album takes many turns and offers many surprises. Haru Nemuri’s vocals range from “kawaii” j-pop singing through rap, spoken word, and post-hardcore shouting.

While hip-hop is the base of the songwriting most of the time, this album would not be sufficiently described with that genre tag. It’s an experimental and unique album that defies categorization and blurs the lines between pop, rock, hip-hop and noise.

The album is lots of fun, not only because of the many great ideas that went into it and the great execution of these ideas, but also because it is very apparent that the artist had a lot of fun herself. This is definitely an album worth your time if you’re open minded enough to give it a chance.

Harutosyura was released April 11th via Perfect Music and is available for streaming at Spotify.

Please check out Haru Nemuri’s official facebook page, as well!