Album Review: This Week In The Universe – Tellurian

This Week In The Universe - Tellurian - Metal Soliloquy

This Week in the Universe is a musical project by two brothers, Beau and Casey Golden, who are both working as musicians and producers in Sydney. Inspired by 80s film music & synthwave, as well as their personal experiences in the Australian electronic music scene, This Week in the Universe is the result of a creative processing of these elements.

Tellurian is the duo’s second full length record and a a follow-up to their self-titled debut album. Utilising an expansive array of synthesizers, drum machines and samples, the brothers worked on this album for almost a year – a working process that resulted in an interesting, versatile and exciting album.

This Week in the Universe - Metal Soliloquy

Let’s be honest for a minute here: 80s inspired retro-synth has gotten pretty boring and repetitive by now. We’ve heard enough synthwave and vaporwave artists expressing their nostalgia or pseudo-nostalgia for the neon age. Or have we?

Personally, I am still open to this kind of stuff. Synthwave can be boring and uninspired, for sure. But there still are many artists in the genre who really try to take a personal approach to the synth sound, add exciting and often surprising musical elements to it, write interesting and unconventional compositions or simply manage to evoke a certain atmosphere with their music that goes beyond those same old “80s vibes”.

To my delight, This Week in the Universe is a duo of two such artists. Tellurian is a synthwave album – but it’s also more than that. The duo enhance the retro synth sound by adding jazz-hop grooves, in one instance even a guitar solo, cinematic samples, as well as airy and sometimes slightly creepy vaporwave sections to their compositions. Furthermore, the album is characterized by interesting rhythms, lush soundscapes and uplifting and beautiful melodies, alternating with atmospheric sections. The album repeatedly made me think of Dan Terminus – not because it sounds very similar to his music, but because the duo, like him, manages to actually write interesting, evolving, exciting compositions that are borderline-proggy at times, while never failing to evoke an immersive atmosphere with their music.

is a well-written, coherent, yet surprising and engaging album that proves that synthwave and related musical genres are still alive and well. Sparkling with interesting and unconventional musical elements and rich in stimulating rhythmic grooves and beautiful melodies, the album is also atmospheric and shows that This Week in the Universe is an artistic duo that knows how to build immersive soundscapes. If you’re into electronic music of any kind, this album has something for you. Check it out!

Tellurian will be released February 22nd and is available for pre-order at Bandcamp.

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