Album Review: Wesenwille – I: Wesenwille

a2958983577_16.jpgBased in Utrecht, Netherlands, Wesenwille is a two-man band that focuses on delivering black metal with a modern approach. Their self titled debut album was released via Redefining Darkness Records on April 27th.

On their first album, Wesenwille combine influences from depressive and atmospheric black metal with dissonant death metal elements, progressive song structures and an interesting lyrical concept that deals with the development of technology and its influence on human social interactions and values. The result is a dark and captivating record that is atmospheric and coherent, without ever getting boring or predictable.

Wesenwille find the perfect balance between heavy riffs and sections of pure dissonant aggression and more contamplative passages, as well as between technicality and atmosphere. The musical performances on this record are quite impressive. The technical guitar riffs, the groovy bass lines, as well as the ferocious drums and the versatile vocals are absolutely fantastic and perfectly blend together into a dark sonic whirlwind. The songwriting is as good as it gets, leaving enough space for impressive and exciting instrumental sections, as well as for atmospheric spoken word samples and more traditional song structures.

If I had to find bands to compare Wesenwille to, I would probably choose Wode and Drottnar, as well as modern-day Shining, but all these bands have their very own unique sonic identity, and so does Wesenwille. If you like your black metal progressive and atmospheric, you should definitely check out this album. You’re going to love it.

I: Wesenwille was released April 27th via Redefining Darkness Records and can be streamed and purchased at Bandcamp.

Please check out Wesenwille’s official facebook page, as well!

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