Album Review: Impending Doom – The Sin and Doom Vol. II

IMPENDING-DOOM-The-Sin-And-Doom-Vol.-II-Albumcover.jpgFive years have passed since the release of Impending Doom’s acclaimed fifth album Death Will Reign. Now, the deathcore quintett from California is back with another onslaught of brutality.

The Sin and Doom Vol. II offers 35 minutes of relentless war music. Heavy, dark and uncompromising, this record shows the band at their most brutal and leaves the listener no second to rest. That is both a good and a bad thing, as the band’s sound on this album is powerful and effective, but isn’t in any way surprising or innovative.

I’m missing a little variation in the vocal performance and the song structures. There’s a lot of great things about this album, though. Impending Doom stay true to the roots of the genre and offer old school riffs and an overall sound that is more “death” than “core”. There are some fantastic breakdowns and great riffs on this album, the technical drumming is simply fantastic and the vocals, while not very versatile, are more than solid.

If you like deathcore and/or brutal death metal, you will most definitely have a good time with this record.

The Sin and Doom Vol. II was released June 22nd via eOne Music and is available for streaming at Spotify.

Please check out Impending Doom’s official facebook page, as well!

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