Album Review: netra – Ingrats

March 9th, 2017 (Norway/France); Hypnotic Dirge Records
LP (39 min.)
Avantgarde/Depressive Black Metal


A few days ago I stumbled across a record label called Hypnotic Dirge Records on Bandcamp. It is a label focusing on underground experimental/atmospheric Doom and Black Metal bands. All the albums on the label are available for free download on Bandcamp (an opportunity which I used to full capacity).

One of the most interesting artists on the label is French Avantgarde Metal band/one man project netra. His music is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. The main musical style being Depressive Black Metal, netra incorporates elements from multiple genres like Jazz, Blues and, first and foremost, Trip-Hop (!) into his music. However crazy and unfitting this combination might sound on the paper, the actual music is amazing.

“Ingrats” is netra‘s most recent full length record and it’s probably his most eclectic and interesting work so far.

The atmospheric Trip-Hop and the raw Black Metal elements work perfectly together to create an atmosphere of depression and melancholy that can only be described as captivating.

The album surprised me repeatedly with unexpected stylistic breaks and is on the whole just an exceptionally rewarding listening experience.

If you are interested in unusual, experimental music with the Black Metal tag attached to it, you have to check this album out.

You can download this album for free from Bandcamp.

Visit the band’s official facebook page.


Album Review: Wode – Servants of the Countercosmos

May 23rd, 2017 (UK); Avantgarde Music
LP (32 min.)
Black Metal


Only one year after releasing their acclaimed self titled debut album, English underground Black Metal act Wode are back with their second full length record.

On their debut album, Wode combined raw Black Metal with elements from the NWOBHM, Thrash and Melodeath and created a very bleak, cold sounding album.

On their new album “Servants of the Countercosmos”, Wode take what made their debut great and develop it further into a more interesting and versatile stylistic direction.
The album sounds less bleak than the debut, it’s a bit “warmer”, the Death Metal elements are a bit more prominent and the music generally is more diverse and progressive.

The music is still raw and aggressive with rousing riffs and drumming and relentless throat ripping vocals, but it is much more stylistically and compositionally versatile than the debut. The songs are on average shorter than on the debut, while the songwriting is more adventurous. This makes the album on the one hand more varied and interesting and on the other hand more coherent and compact, which I think is great because I found the debut album a bit “bulky” at times.

From the atmospheric intro to the acoustic guitar outro the album takes you on a highly entertaining and brilliantly written musical journey through everything we love about Black Metal (or extreme Metal in general).

If you liked the debut album, this record is an absolute must have for you. And if you are a fan of extreme Metal and don’t know this band yet, go and listen to this album.

This is one of the best Black Metal albums I’ve heard this year.

You can download this album for free from Bandcamp.

Visit the band’s official facebook page.